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Georgia Institute of Technology Aug 2016 – Dec 2019 | Atlanta, GA

  • B.S. in Computer Science (Intelligence and Information Internetworks), Honors Program
  • GPA: 3.68
  • Affiliations: Alpha Kappa Psi (Business Fraternity), Ramblin’ Raas (Nationally Competitive Dance Team)
  • Relevant Coursework: Machine Learning, Robotics and Perception, Algorithms, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, Intro to Computer Systems and Networks, Computer Organization and Programming, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Data Structures/Algorithms


Forward Deployed Software Engineering Intern | Palantir May 2019 - Aug 2019 | London, UK

  • Redesigned timeseries pipeline architecture to better handle the increasing scale of data (TB to PB), coordinating with teams across Palantir and the client to ensure data usage workflows and constraints were considered
  • Developed a suite of tooling to manage dynamic pipeline creation, ensured a simple maintenance story despite an increased number of parallel pipelines, and contributed to fleshing out similar use-cases across the company

Software Engineering Intern | Lyft, Core Datastores Jan 2019 - Apr 2019 | Seattle, WA

  • Reduced replication lag between AWS datastores for clients by designing and building a service to reroute failed records using Apache Flink and Kafka, considering fail cases, throughput constraints, and operational cost
  • Improved streaming pipelines by introducing improved modularity and increasing code maintainability, allowing for clients to more quickly access data in a custom desired format

Software Engineering Intern | Redfin, Owner Engagement May 2018 - Aug 2018 | Seattle, WA

  • Worked across several teams to investigate Redfin Home Report subscription activity in an effort to optimize open rate
  • Developed clustering and classification models to predict best send time, content, and owner intent for the Home
  • Proposed two concrete improvements to potentially increase open and click rates, driving more users back to Redfin (experiements still running)
  • Worked on multiple smaller optimizations and features, gaining exposure to full stack development
  • Improved the fluidity of the claim home experience by implementing Google One-Tap login for my team’s primary endpoint, lifting registrations (44%), subscriptions (25%), and sell contacts (18%) Report
  • Resolved several interesting, niche bugs relating to timezone discrepancies and test environments
  • Gained exposure to product insight, React, and machine learning approaches

Undergraduate Researcher | Entertainment Intelligence Lab, Georgia Tech Aug 2017 - Present | Atlanta, GA

  • Designed an AI approach based on the published Hoover ANN model to build a robust Mario game level generator
  • Defined multiple “invention problems” to extend the concept of creative problem solving and designed agents to attempt such problems to demonstrate an artificially intelligent parallel to human creativity and contributed to a paper accepted to ICCC 2018
  • Awarded the President’s Undergraduate Research Award for Fall 2018

Tutor | College of Computing, Georgia Tech Jan 2018 - Present | Atlanta, GA

  • Tutored graduate students without previous programming experience in Python and programming basics
  • Designed sample exercises and created examples to explain Python-isms and help students understand concepts
  • Tutored undergraduate students in Intro to Object Oriented Programming and Discrete Math

Software Engineering Intern | Square, Platform Engineering May 2017 - Aug 2017 | San Francisco, CA

  • Created infrastructure to automate asset tracking in a CMDB using a Rails app by reading data through Kafka feeds from Kolide and Facebook’s osquery
  • Consulted with several teams/individuals to discover their needs and evaluated requests per my constraints
  • Gained exposure to shell scripting, backend services, Linux architecture, and systems infrastructure
  • Found and corrected a truncation error in Facebook’s osquery


Nix | CREATE-X Capstone Design Aug 2018 - Present

  • Developed a nicotine cessation algorithm based on a daily sliding window and existing smoking cessation plans
  • Evaluated potential design decisions while considering future strategies to improve our product
  • Aided in process development and organization for a team of 7

Smart City Infrastructure | Research Jan 2018 – May 2018

  • Contributed to analyzing work zone traffic patterns using image classifiers and computer vision functions to retrieve valuable vehicle attributes from traffic camera footage
  • Analyzed collected data to determine the change in factors like speed, offset, flow, and density

@VPFbot May 2018

  • Streamlined some of my processes as Vice President of Finance for Alpha Kappa Psi by building a custom slackbot that reads from the extensive Google Sheets maintaining our financial information and logging for sponsorship efforts to deliver periodic updates on the status of the organization

Charles | HackGT Oct 2017

  • Conducted sentiment analysis on Twitter and Reddit on a per topic basis using Python libraries
  • Processed and visualized resulting data using D3.js, and deployed the application using Flask

RAS Madness Aug 2017

  • Conceptualized and developed a web app to serve as a prediction platform for national dance competitions
  • Generated a Ruby on Rails JSON API backend and implemented a Bootstrapped Javascript frontend

Custom Alexa Skill July 2017

  • Developed a custom Alexa skill in Python and deployed using Flask
  • Catered to the suggestions of a religious institution to offer relevant spiritual quotes
  • Scraped tweets from a Twitter account using the Tweepy API

StreetLens | Holohack Dec 2016

  • Constructed a HoloLens app enabling street view previews of Google Maps directions
  • Conceived an algorithm to retrieve data at a consistent time interval using the Google Maps and Street View APIs
  • Collaborated with 3 others under a 36-hour time constraint while learning C# and Visual Studio


Vice President of Finance | Alpha Kappa Psi May 2018 - December 2018

  • Awarded Outstanding Leader for Integrity at the National Convention, 2019
  • Managing a $70,000 annual budget, financing events for the brotherhood and the general Georgia Tech business community (Rush, Social/Alumni Events, Retreats/Formals, Georgia Tech Business Forum, Startup Hackathon, Case Competition, etc)
  • Leading the creation of a new fund to support Brothers’ special projects ventures, including creating a growth plan and application structure
  • Working on an 10 person executive board to increase member engagement, revamp existing events, and launch new initiatives
  • Managing 3 teams of 3: Investments (~12k portfolio), Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Sponsorship to encourage the directors’ personal growth and impact on the organization

Marketing Chair | United Indian Student Alliance May 2017 - March 2018

  • Lead marketing efforts for ATL Tamasha, the organization’s flagship event and region’s premier Fall South Asian dance competition
  • Developed branding for the year, including logos, banners, videos, and digital marketing, and their respective distribution schedules
  • Attracted 200+ dancers and attendance in excess of 1100


Programming: Java Python SQL Ruby C++ C# JavaScript MongoDB

Languages: Spanish (intermediate) Hindi (fluent) Gujarati (native) English (native)

Software: Android Studio IntelliJ Eclipse Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign

Communication: Presentation Public Speaking Research Paper Communication Design