@vpfbot (slackbot)

Slackbot built to streamline processes I encounter as Vice President of Finance for gtakpsi.

Python Slack API Heroku


Traces the route of Google Maps Directions via HoloLens | HoloHack 2016

Google Maps API Google Places API C# Unity HoloLens


HackGT 2018 Project: comparative analysis of tweets and reddit threads

Python Flask Data Science


Fixing an int truncation error

Open Source C++


Portal built for “fantasy”-like predictions game for the South Asian Raas Dance Circuit

Ruby on Rails JavaScript Heroku

Alexa Skill

Basic Alexa Skill built for the Jain community that reads quotes from Twitter and greets with a religious greeting.

Python Flask Alexa


CS 2340 Project: An Android app to crowdsource records of the cleanliness of water by location

Java Android