Ongoing Projects

I’m always doing (and learning!) a few different things. Here’s a peek into what I’m up to, +past+future projects.


  • reading 26 books in 2022– track my progress and thoughts here (Jan ‘22- )
  • consistency in fitness– ran a 5k last year, right now the focus leans towards building strength but underlying goal is consistency
  • #takeiteasynyc : a community project based out of NYC geared towards encouraging an exchange of perspectives, stories, and ideas among people who may never meet via postcards!
  • on and off work on a podcast where we talk attempt to answer some hard life questions while exploring philosophy, religion, ethics, and science. Check out Aneka on Spotify / Apple / Google. (Aug ‘18- )

Maybe Next?#

These things take time and focus, and I can only effectively build up a few things at a time. So here are other things I’ve been thinking about - let me know if you have tips/ideas/want to do something together!

  • expand my musical skills (learn to sing/play guitar)
  • explore selling photos; large prints, portraiture, etc
  • hit up some open mics and write comedy again