Ongoing Projects

I’m always doing (and learning!) a few different things. Here’s a peek into what I’m up to, +past+future projects.



  • identify something interesting from published datasets + share (x5)



These projects take time and focus, and I can only effectively build up a few at a time. So here’s a brief look at some of the underlying goals that’ll inspire my next projects.

  • increase my general knowledge in the fields of economics, history, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy, especially as they relate to one another
  • strengthen my foundational maths/statistics knowledge, particularly as it relates to ML/DL
  • shoot more street photography (peep my instagram)
  • get back into the comedy scene, actively attending open mics/performing
  • hike/trek at scale: kilimanjaro, annapurna circuit trek, the Liechtenstein trail, the Camino de Santiago
  • go vegan, cook more
  • increase cardio capacity, run a 5k
  • increase mindfulness, meditate daily
  • live off the grid for a week
  • get back into (and good at) indoor bouldering
  • hit all US national parks (11/62)
  • get fluent in reading/writing hindi + gujarati
  • regain fluency in spanish
  • find creative ways to maintain and strengthen my relationships
  • live in another country for >= 1 yr (India? UK? we'll see)
  • mentor someone
  • work on something that targets financial/educational inequality
  • donate time, money, and skills to promote causes I care about (#1: YJA (2020 CC))