Georgia Institute of Technology | 2016-2020

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science | Concentrations in Intelligence and Information and Internetworks


Mobile App Development (GIT MAD) | 2016-Present
Solidified Android app development skills
Gained a better understainding of object-oriented programming
Learned collaborative programming skills

Hillsborough High School | 2012-2016

International Baccalaureate Diploma
4.0 unweighted GPA
Higher Level Mathematics, Physics, English | Standard Level History, Chemistry, Spanish


Mu Alpha Theta | 2011-2016, Secretary 2013-2015, Vice President 2015-2016
Participated in 15+ competitions, and consistently won awards both as a team player and individual.
Enjoyed learning math and tutoring peers.
Created application and managed roster/information for the club as Secretary.
Offered time and input to club decisions, including rewriting the constitution and deciding practice dates.
Developed organizational and collaborative skills while planning a competition at our high school.
Set up recruiting booths at various freshmen functions.

Indian Student Association | 2012-2016, Secretary 2014-2015, President 2015-2016
Led and managed a cotton candy booth at the Annual India Festival in Tampa to raise money for Ekal Vidyalaya (which supports youth education in rural India). We successfully raised $1200!
Pioneered the idea of a Holi festival in conjunction with 2 local IB schools, which drew 150+ students.
Designed t-shirts for the club and ordered them.
Managed to execute cost-effective events and coordinated related tasks with other officers/schools.

Model United Nations | 2010-2016
Conferences: KnightMUN 2013, GatorMUN 2013 and 2014
Attended conferences at UF and UCF where I represented countries and proposed/discussed solutions to global issues.
Effectively debated with other representatives and became a quick and organized thinker.
Awards: Best Position Paper at KnightMUN 2014.

Science Olympiad | 2013-2015
2013 Participated in the Mission Impossible event (2nd Place) with an upperclassmen and built a working Rube-Goldberg machine.
2014 Competed in Technical Problem Solving and Write It Do It

Future Business Leaders of America | 2011-2016, Vice President 2014-2015
Competed in computer-related divisions and learned about the topic.
Recruited new members at open house and encouraged participation.
Awards: 2012 2nd place District: Spreadsheet, 2nd place State, Spreadsheet
     2013 2nd place District: Spreadsheet Applications
     2014 2nd place District: Cyber Security
     2015 3rd place District: Cyber Security

Newspaper (Journalism) | 2013-2014, 2015-2016
Served as Photographer and Staff Writer for the Red and Black and, covering school stories and related events.
Learned to write objectively and briefly.
Improved interpersonal skills through conducting interviews and working with other staff members.
Florida Scholastic Press Association Awards: 2013 All-Florida News Story and Print Commentary

Awards and Honors

National AP Scholar
National Merit Commended Scholar
American Chemistry Association (2013-2016)
National Honor Society (2014-2016)
Quill and Scroll (journalism, 2015-2016)
Mu Alpha Theta (math, 2012-2016)
Science National Honor Society (2015-2016)

Carnegie Mellon Pre-College Art and Design | Summer 2015

Admitted on a fully subsidized William Elliot Scholarship.
Attended 8 classes: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Animation, Photography, Communication Design, and Industrial Design.
Discovered my ability to create good products despite having limited experience in both art and design.
Learned that regardless of experience and preconceived talent, elevated interest can propel me far into a field.